Friday, June 6, 2008


I was coming home last night, and Kirby, and boyfriend were heading to a place called yogurtland. So, being a lover of Theme parks, I dropped my things and hopped in the car. We pulled up into a food only strip mall, while not a theme park, it was the next best thing. Yogurtland, it turns out is a place to self-serve frozen yogurt, toppings and such and after a .30/ounce tax you are free to eat it.

Before we get to this magical place, let me tell you about my views on Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream. I love Ice Cream, it is by far my most favorite dessert, drink, meal, etc. Frozen Yogurt is not ice cream. I recall walking into a frozen yogurt shop and only seeing signs for 2% fat, 10% fat, and half-fat. There were no full-fat varieties. Now imagine if you substitute the word flavor for fat, what kind of flavors do you get? At best half-flavor, who in their right mind would eat half-flavor ice cream?

I digress, after being assured there were no ice cream or full-flavor varieties, I decided to make the best of it and get some frozen yogurt. I feel the best part of this experience, is the ability to get your own samples out of the elementary style swish and spit cups (At TCBY you have to ask the worker each time, and they decide the amount per free sample). If you fill the cups over flowing with yogurt, you can get a few ounces per cup. With 4-6 samples of various flavors, you already have $3.00 worth of soft-serve in your belly before you pick you cup size. The cup sizes range in big for one serving to large pint. And with 10-16 flavors, including sugar-free (don't get me started), you have lots to choose from. Onto the flavors, I choose a Kaluha/Strawberry mix, Pistachio/Green Tea, Peanut Butter/Cheesecake all in one bowl, topped with Butterfinger shreddings, Strawberries, Raspberries, and little cheesecake and cookie dough pieces. Total for this heaping bowl was a little over $3 Not bad for a late night visit. They also serve water with fruit soaking in it for free, and have a hip-modern looking store. Other toppings include various fruits, fruity pebbles, coconut, granola, and other various sundae toppings.

If there wasn't an ice cream store in sight, I would go back. Definitely one of the top soft-serve places around. However, never will it compare to a double scoop on a sugar cone.

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