Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Black Bean Artichoke Hummus

Welcome, I am glad to see you made it to the new blog. Well the newly named blog. I changed the web address for two reasons.
#1 I renamed the blog The Food Monster. It became The Food Monster Blog as both thefoodmonster and foodmonster were taken. The name food monster comes from playing with my girlfriend's nieces. I would always be some kind of monster depending on the situation. It started out as the tickling monster, then I helped somebody move and I became the moving monster...

#2 The other reason, was I had trouble spelling both reviews and recipes the first time I set it up. Not sure why, but if I misspell two words in the title of my own blog, it probably isn't a very good title. Hence the Change.

Now on to a delicious recipe.

Black Bean Artichoke hummus is a combination of the spicy Wilmington Hummus and a delicous Artichoke hummus my girlfriend makes, with some black beans to change it up.

This makes a large batch, about two blenders full. I made it in two batches and mixed them together.

2 Cans of Chick Peas (save half a can of water per blender full)
1 Can of Artichoke Hearts
1 Can of Black Beans (All cans drained)
4 tsp Lemon Juice
6 TBS Garlic
4 TBS Ginger
small handful of pine nuts
1 TSB Paprika
1 TSB Kosher Salt
1 TSB Black Pepper
1 tsp Old Bay
2 TSB Olive Oil
Water to consistency

Blend ingredients, garnish with some extra pine nuts and paprika, chill and serve.
You can really get creative on the spices, feel free to substitute your own and add some.

My only recommendation is to add more artichoke hearts. There was not a presence in every bite. I would think about 1 can of artichoke hearts to every 1.5 cans of beans would be sufficient.


-The Food Monster


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Sounds like a yummy spread!

I think you did a good thing by changing the name! Welcome to your new domain! :)

Welcome also, to The Foodie Blogroll!

renae du jour said...

Much nicer name! That hummus looks delicious.

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