Thursday, June 12, 2008

On the Set, with Hollywood Caterers

As an actor, I have many jobs. I temp for offices, and get random jobs off of craigslist, and I also partake in background work. I know it isn't acting, but at least it pays the bills. For the past couple of days, I have been on set in the middle of the desert for a cell phone commercial. Luckily for me the production company hired, Hollywood Caterers.
I started off my two-day journey with a Roast Beef Croissant. Now I wasn't really in the mood for sandwich Roast Beef, so I tried to get a different meat, but Ham was another option so I just went with it. I added avocado and bacon. I don't know what they made in there but out came a gem of a sandwich. A perfectly toasted halved croissant with juicy flavorful warm Roast Beef (Not like the dry sandwich crap you find at a deli), fresh ripe avocado, (would have been tomato as well if not for the salmonilla scare), bacon egg and cheese. Delicious. I checked in and got my uniform on, and went back for another.
RB Croissant count: 2

I would also like to add they had an assortment of normally great breakfast items, with cereal, yogurt, danish, muffins, fresh fruit, etc. however, I normally pass that up when they have a hot grill and cook you something made to order. There was also a thin layer of dust forming on the food set out as we were in the middle of the desert (near Edison Air Force Base past Lancaster).
No worries, after 6 hours on the set, it was lunch time.
In those 6 hours, they were ready to serve us grilled to order New York Strip, Sliced Roast, and Salmon, with an accompanyment of an Indian Style Chicken Breast, Rice Pilaf, Pasta, Fresh Asparagus, etc. There was just too much food to eat something of everything. I was quite pleased. I didn't think they could do as well as breakfast.

Day 2
The second day brought about 200 additional extras. I arrived just in time to get another RB Croissant Sandwich.
RB Sand count: 3
The head guy knew me by this point, and how I liked my breakfast. Even with a line, the boys in the trailer were speedy, efficient, and gave each individual order the precise attention it deserved, unheard of with catering companies these days. The line oohed and ahhed at the finished product as I sat down to eat. There were many other things on their list I wanted to try from the banana pancakes to a poached egg with hollandaise sauce. From experience, I knew it would all be good.
As I was getting dressed in my costume for the day, I wasn't really hungry, but decided to go back down to the trailer and finish the last day's breakfast with another sandwich.
RB Sand count: 4

Boy am I glad I did, Yum!!!

Lunch proved to be more of the same deliciousness. This time with filet and cooked to order Tuna with a Pineapple or Mango Salsa. They also had a delicious pasta, rice, etc., three types of salad greens and Cesar salad, where did they find the time to make all this goodness?
I want to make my own movie just so I can hire them. If you are looking for a good catering truck, I suggest you hire Hollywood Caterers. I hope I am on a set with them again real soon. Like their motto says they go coast to coast and sometimes beyond!

Catering Ranking: A- (highest score given so far)

Hollywood Caterers
7527 Reseda BLVD #B
Reseda, CA 91335
f. 818.345.6719

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