Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Beach and Green Gas

Every year, my girlfriend and her family and I all take a trip to some exotic beach locale. Last year it was Carolina Beach, NC and this year we are making our way to North Topsail Island, NC. The best part about the whole trip is the food (well other than the good times lounging around the beach). The last dinner usually includes a giant Seafood Buffet from one of the better Seafood restaurants that we have heard about all week from beach goers and random tourists we run into. North Topsail is known for its Dr. Root Beer's Hall of Foam, a local landmark I will be sure to visit. I am super excited to review the places we go as I am a more dedicated blogger this year. Hopefully somebody will have a camera, so that I may bring back evidence of the goodness. I still have a few weeks before I head out for the beach, so I can continue finding delicious meals here in Los Angeles.
Meanwhile, back in California, apparently somebody decided it would be a good idea to start charging over $5.00 a gallon for gas as this news article shows. However, I found a little gem in Los Angeles. I have been there a time or two before and just filled up there today. The station on Robertson and Olympic in Los Angeles, always seems to charge a few cents to dimes less per gallon than the other stations in the city. As a bonus, it is a completely green gas station. The gas station is made with recycled materials, and LED lights. The structure contains tin and steel to reflect the lights where it needs to go. In the bathroom there is a bamboo wall, a recycled wood wall, and a slab of granite or stone where the water from the sink just gravitates towards the trough style drain. There are even two different buttons for the toilet, one for a large amount of water, and the other for smaller amounts. The ground is partially made with recycled glass bottles, and they also have recycled material postcards with information about the station that contain wildflower seeds, so all it takes is a little soak and watering and you have fresh compost and wildflowers sprouting. Find out more about this sweet place to fill-up at BP's
I plan on hitting it up whenever I am near the West Coast. From the Atlantic to the Pacific I am sure there are plenty of Green restaurants in between, if you find any good ones be sure to let me know about them at

Enjoy and happy travelling!
-The Food Monster


Susie Homemaker said...

Hi...I just found you on Foodbuzz...I am new there, not sure what it is all about. But anyway - That is the coolest looking gas station i have ever seen! I also think it is cool you come all the way to the East Coast to vacay, we just got back from the Outer Banks ourselves. I hope you have a great trip! (gas on the islands was jus about 3.99 last week - so not too bad.....

Hendersonville Epicurean said...

Hey Andrew,

This message comes to you from the mountains of NC.

Definitely fill us all in on Island food as soon as you can.

We have family in the "biz" in LA. Good work, if you can get it.

BaseballBob said...
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