Monday, June 9, 2008

Fred - 62

If you know anybody who lives in Los Feliz, or frequents this East-side neighborhood in Los Angeles, they can all tell you about the diner that is open late, and serves all kinds of foods. From goat cheese egg sandwiches, to south of the boarder items, everything categorized as traditional and non-traditional diner fare can be found at Fred - 62

The above photo, shows a smattering of options, from a sandwich, to an egg sandwich with sidecake, to a burrito/wrap off of their south of the border menu. The only thing missing is a hand scooped milk shake.

As it was around brunch time, I went with a giant sandwich, known as the Tower of Babel. This vegetarian option, uses avocado, Lettuce and Tomato to make up for it's lack of meat. With Cheddar, and fried onion strings on a grilled sourdough bun, you won't be leaving hungry.
They even throw in a side kick of fries, salad, fruit or potato salad.
The things I were impressed with: The avocado, perfectly ripe. The fried onion strings, works on the sandwich without meat. The tomato, it made it on the sandwich.

A few things I was not impressed with: The lettuce, they could have used a higher quality lettuce than iceberg. The cheese, super cold, nowhere near a melting point, tasted like it was only out of the freezer for an hour or so. The sandwich itself, it needed lots of mayo, and mustard in order to get it down, very very dry. The price: $11 without a drink. I won't be getting this sandwich again.

Looking back on Fred-62's menu, all that came to mind was overpriced diner fare. Sure you can't get some of their unique creations anywhere else, and sure most of it tastes great, but I was a little underwhelmed in the price to quantity of delicious food ratio. It therefore goes into my average diner category with a C+. The sandwich wasn't amazing, but it wasn't terribly either. A little too expensive and dry for my tastes.

I think I will stay home and try to make a better sandwich next time. I will see what I can come up with that is similar yet still full of flavor.

1850 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027-4215
Phone: (323) 667-0062


kirby! said...

seriously, it is my goal in life to find a REALLY delicious sandwich place in Los Angeles, where everything is under $10. I have found decent places, but whenever I'm all, "Hm, I would like a truly delicious non-12-dollar sandwich," I can't think of anything.

Andrew K. Westin said...

I will make it my mission then Kirby, to find a great under $10 place.

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