Friday, June 6, 2008

Take a break from Eating/Cooking

Everybody needs a break now and then, one of my hobbies is snowboarding. I found this video of me, my first time on a half pipe. I was in West Virginia at Snowshoe, on an icy half pipe during night skiing. Needless to say, not every trip of mine down the half pipe was as good as the first one. Check out my insane tricks.

Ok, so back to food. When I go snowboarding, I always marvel at how good even simple foods taste after a long day on the slopes. My favorite snack is a good gouda and crackers or bread, right after getting those boots off. Even more incredible is the hot chocolate I frequently drink to "warm-up". Peppermint Schnapps anyone?

As you probably have guessed by now, my sweet tricks involved not falling down, with the occasional 2 inches of air. What you can't see in the video is my backpack that I took off at the top of the trick section. It is filled with granola bars, water, and other goodies to snack on the chair lift. I especially like the Nature's Own Oat's and Honey for an extra energy boost, which it's dryness couples well with water on the lift.
If you would like more tips on how to keep from going hungry on the slopes, email me at

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