Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free Chick-fil-A for the faithful fans of Carolina

Tarheel Fans. Apparently, if you "borrow" a state shirt, and a dook shirt, you can get a free chicken biscuit or sandwich with the purchase of a large drink at non-campus triangle area Chick-fil-A locations, three days a week.

I got the following story from my friend Joel.

Joel: "just letting you know I happened to be wearing a UNC t-shirt today when I went to the chick-fil-a on a lunch break. I asked for a number 1 combo for here when the employee asked if I knew the phrase, to which I obviously did not. She helped me out and informed me that if you wear UNC apparell to chick-fil-a in the triangle area (not on campus locations) on Thursdays and say "Tarheel fans eat more chicken", you get a free chicken sandwich [or biscuit] with the purchase of a large drink. I got my free sandwich and googled for an announcement which I found on the News and Observer site."

Or just look below, I have pasted their post on the free chicken.

Here's a good one for fans of Duke, NC State and UNC... Our area Chick-fil-A franchisees are inviting you to earn a freebie by showing your team spirit and purchasing a large drink.

Each school has been assigned a day of the week (Duke is Mondays, NC State is Wednesdays and UNC is Thursdays). On those days, if you show up at Chick-fil-A wearing school apparel and declare at the counter that "Duke Fans Eat More Chicken," "Wolfpack Fans Eat More Chicken" or "Tarheel Fans Eat More Chicken," you will be rewarded with a free chicken biscuit at breakfast time or a free chicken sandwich if you come later in the day. Like I said, a large drink purchase is required, but that seems like a decent deal to me.

The offer is good at participating stand-alone Chick-fil-A stores in the Triangle (but not the ones on the college campuses) It is also a limited-time offer, though no ending date for the promotion has been set yet.


So, to recap,

Monday: wear navy blue

Wednesday: wear red

Thursday: Any heels paraphenalia will work

Head to Chick-fil-A, say "[insert appropriate mascot] fans eat more chicken"

Buy a large drink

Enjoy your free Chicken Sandwich or Biscuit.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A good steak, just needs a good rub

Recently I rediscovered The Wicked Noodle. A great food blog with many, many appetizing treats, dinners, and snacks. If you are hungry for a steak, then check out this particular post titled mmmmm...cow. With a recipe for a rub that I thought was worthy of sharing. NSFV (Not Safe for Vegans/Vegetarians. Enjoy!

Monday, February 23, 2009

CiCi's Pizza Buffet Special $3.99

Yes, you read that correctly. CiCi's in a(n economic) promotion, is offering their eat-in buffet for $3.99 for a limited time only. According to Jim, at the CiCi's in Durham, the special will last for at least 60 days, and he isn't sure of an end date at the moment. They have pizza, pasta, salads, and wonderful dessert pizzas. Go try a plate full and maybe see The Food Monster out at CiCi's.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Pictures #2: Hamburger

Following up Random Pictures #1, is this mysterious plate. Let's break it down and see what The Food Monster has eaten.
I believe this Hamburger or Turkey Burger was grilled on a George Foreman Grill, served with lots of goodies on a wheat Hamburger Roll with Djion Mustard, Mayo, Lettuce, Freshly sliced Roma Tomato, and Ketchup. However, The real gym of this photo, and the reason I now remember why it was taken is the object in the foreground. That mega Salad and all of its toppings. Start with a bed of Hearts of Romaine, or mixed greens, add fresh sliced Cucumber, Chopped Tomato, Feta and Goat Cheese, Beets, pine nuts, sesame sticks, seasoned croutons, dried cranberries, mozarella cheese, the list goes on and on. And that's all that I can remember/see what's in this fantastic side dish. Get creative, get out the nuts/fruits, dressings, leaves and make something delicious tonight.

***Dressing, I believe was some sort of Asian Ginger Dressing, as I do love them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Easy Broiled Mahi Mahi and Spinach with Pine Nuts

Lauren and I are big fans of Harris Teeter in these parts. We just got a new one where 751 and 54 cross. A weekly weekend shopping trip has become a time when we can go up and down each aisle, joking and picking up things that we have printed out on our list (Lauren is way more prepared and organized in regards to shopping.) You see, with working all week she likes to plan out 2, usually three meals that are homemade, so we can eat those and the leftovers. By the way, I am a Leftover King (a little hint about an upcoming post).

We had Haddock on our list to make the Easy Broiled Haddock. Unfortunately, the fish wasn't fresh, or was all bought out, so we swapped out fish on sale and picked up a couple of frozen Mahi Mahi fillets. Excellent choice indeed. The recipe, (starts below asterisks) is taken off of Southern Food section, and Lauren paired it with an excellent Spinach and Pine Nuts dish, which we have had before, and when I get good enough pictures and a recipe will blog about. Until then, pick up a fish, and follow the below directions for some Easy Broiled Blank (Mahi Mahi).

Haddock fillets [or any fish] are broiled and basted with a soy sauce lemon juice mixture.

Cook Time: 20 minutes


  • 1 pound haddock fillets [or any fish]
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 2 teaspoons soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley


Cut fillets into serving pieces; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Combine the soy sauce and vegetable oil.

Arrange the fish pieces on an oiled broiler rack; broil until golden brown, basting frequently with the soy sauce mixture. Turn and broil for about 5 minutes longer, basting. Place fish on a warm platter.

In a saucepan, combine remaining oil and soy sauce with drippings; heat. Add lemon juice and parsley. Pour over fish.
Broiled haddock serves 4. [or two and 1 Food Monster]

Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Pictures #1: Pizza

While moving from Los Angeles, to North Carolina, I wasn't able to post as often as I would have liked. Unnamed pictures began piling up in folders with dates added on my computer, or stuck on my memory card during the transition. Needless to say, lots of details about what I have been eating may be lost forever. Lucky for you, you are going to get a few Random Pictures posts. This one, is entitled Pizza. It is obviously a homemade pizza, I believe with one of the fantastic doughs from Trader Joe's and their pizza sauce as well. The toppings probably include Feta, Goat Cheese, or both, and what else I cannot remember or make out. I do remember it being fantastic and non-vegan. So, vegan's don't try this at home. In the spirit of random pictures week, get out there and make something of your own, forget about it and then try and think about what you had several months later.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Denny's Free Grand Slam

I hope everyone enjoyed watching the "biggest game of the year". I didn't find the commercials as good as years past except for the one by Denny's. Anytime you offer free food to all Americans, I think you are a good commercial. So with that, I hope you made it out today between 6am, and 2pm for your free Grand Slam breakfast.
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