Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guest Post: Party with Ease

This Guest Post comes from Sara from the One Cup Connection, which comes with a great coupon at the end. Enjoy!

-The Food Monster

I don’t know if you are like me, but the most difficult part of hosting a party comes when
dessert is being served. Some guests need to drink decaffeinated coffee, others want the
real strong stuff, and yet others are requesting hot tea. It always seems like a struggle to get
everyone’s wants out on time before all of the desserts have been devoured. I can never quite
figure out how much coffee to add to those huge pots, and then I am running around trying to
find a way to plug in the smaller pot for the decaf.

I saw the solution at a recent graduation party that I attended. The hostess had a Keurig one
cup coffee machine set outside, complete with a variety of K-cups. A large bottle of water was
set at the end of the table and when the chamber went low, it was simply refilled with ease.
What a great conversation piece it became as well. People seemed excited to try a different
flavor of coffee, while others were happy to have their favorite choices available.

Making coffee for large amounts of people can be a difficult job. Is it strong enough? Is it too
strong? It is hard to please everyone, but the single serve machines take the thinking out of it.
People love to have choices and that hostess gave her guests the ability to choose. The plus
side for her was an easy clean up. No left over coffee grinds to scoop out, or pots to scour!!

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