Monday, June 23, 2008

Dark Chocolate Almonds

When you get an urge for a snack, and you aren't looking for a whole meal, what do you reach for? Chips, cookies, whip cream? Why not try some delicious nuts. As the new york street carts call them, Nuts 4 Nuts. They usually have some type of sugary spiced glaze, with cinnamon, nutmeg or both. I am here to tell you about a different sort of snack nut. A recent find at your local Trader Joe's.
My house mate has been eating these for months, and is always more than willing to share.

The item: Dark Chocolate Almonds
The description: "Made with Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt and turbinado sugar"
The size: 10 oz. (248 g) of goodness

Now, if you knew me, genetically speaking, I come from a long line of Chocolate Monsters or Chocoholics. However, I was born with the milk chocolate gene. My mother is a big fan of the Dark, and would absolutely love these (too bad there isn't a Trader Joe's near her).
At first, I was skeptical of trying these, as a) Almonds aren't my favorite nut, and b) Dark isn't my favorite chocolate. With the urging of both John David, and Joe (house mates), I gave in anyway.
(cropped photo)
The first thing you taste is a relaxing chocolaty flavor. Nothing overpowering. Then as the chocolate starts to melt, you get a more intense chocolate blast along with the sweetness of the turbinado sugar and the saltiness of the sea salt granules. Wow! What a flavor explosion in my mouth!
The crunchiness of the almond finishes off the quick snack, and leaves you begging for more. My suggestion, is to never try one of these, cause if you do, you will be buying them for life.

What are your favorite snacks? Comment, or email me at

Photography provided by John David Devirgilis Food Photography.


Leslie said...

milk is the chocolate of my choice as well, but those do look delicious! my mouth is watering - dare I try and become an addict?

Nick said...

Man o man, these never get old. I agree about the never trying one, I wish I hadn't. My milk-chocolate-loving girlfriend doesn't even like dark chocolate but she can't go past the kitchen without stealing one of my almonds!

Maggie said...

I love the Trader Joe's honey sesame seed almonds. They are to die for.

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