Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Phillysteak Tour- Phillysteak Factory Durham, NC

It seems that the regular workers here, from the owner to the general help are proud of their product and put in a little extra effort when hand cutting the meat, or when topping off the cheese with hot meat juice.
It starts with the bread, Parmesan and oregano, white, or wheat, add let tom and mayo, then choice of grilled green peppers, mushrooms and onions. I usually get mush and onion as the peppers can overpower the sandwich. The secret here I think, is that they let the steak marinate in its own juices kept at a high temperature, then separated into smaller pieces by a grillmaster on a hot grill, Provolone is applied and then they pour a little of the juice on top to melt the cheese. scoop and arrange it on the bread.
They also have delicious fries with an optional Cajun seasoning. Maybe a tad pricey as far as my appetite, but well worth every penny.

Currently #1 on my Phillysteak tour.

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