Thursday, June 19, 2008

Marinated Greek Tomatoes

Ah tomatoes, what a delicious sounding fruit, vegetable or whatever it is. Or it would be if it weren't for all this hoopla about Salmonella and that sort of thing. I heard somewhere that tomatoes from California were safe as well as those off the vine. So, I don't mind using the ones I got from the Farmer's Market on Sunday. Anyway, the recipe calls for vinegar which helps cure, or cook the tomatoes like the citrus acids do in Ceviche. This recipe is a staple in quite a few other recipes that I come up with. It also gives you something to do with those almost too ripe tomatoes.
That was the case here. I had 2 tomatoes left, and about 15 grape tomatoes and needed to use them. So, here is a recipe passed down from my step-mom who used to work in a restaurant in the Greek Isles. So, I give you Marinated Greek Tomatoes.

1-3 Tomatoes Sliced of medium Thickness
1 TBS of Olive Oil per Tomato
3/4 TBS of Balsamic Vinegar (or other Vinegar) per Tomato
Salt to tatse
Pepper to taste
1 tsp of Garlic (minced) per Tomato
2 tsp of chopped (fresh) Basil per Tomato
Assemble sliced tomatoes on a plate, drizzle with Oil and Vinegar, sprinkle S & P, garlic and Basil. Cover and refrigerate overnight (keep level).

It is important that you use fresh Basil as it will give you a better taste. Now, while the Tomatoes are great on Fried Egg Sandwiches, or on a Burger, or Bagel Sandwich, the oil/vinegar residue is what I really love. I crisp up any bread I have lying around and you have the best appetizer in the world. Fresh Tomatoes, with bread, and Tomato Au Jus. Yum-o!

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michelle @ TNS said...

i shake my fist at the sky, because tomatoes have not yet appeared at the greenmarkets here in the northeast.

*shake shake*

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