Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Banana Challa French Toast

Brunch to me is the laziest meal. You are getting up late, stretching 1 meal out during two meal times, and it seems the rest of the world is going about lazily as well. The sun has only been up for a little bit. The flowers are opening up. The dew on the grass hasn't quite evaporated. Ah, brunch what a wonderful thing.

Well it turns out a neighbor locked himself out of his apartment, so he came over to see what was going on. As this was my roommates day off, so we decided to make Brunch of the situation. We all piled in the car and headed to Trader Joe's to pick up ingredients for Banana Challa French Toast, a JD (roommate) specialty.
Since I didn't directly make it I will treat this more as a review than a recipe post.
I ordered the Banana Challa French Toast, it came crispy on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside. Made with both mashed up bananas in the batter as well as a few slices of fresh Banana on the plate. I choose fresh Maple Syrup, honey was also available. Fresh Blackberries completed this dish.
To drink, Proseco was served in over-sized wine glasses with Blackberries floating in the bubbly concoction. A great complement to the sweet dish.What a delicious happenstance brunch. I want to thank my neighbor for getting locked out, as we probably wouldn't have decided to make something that elaborate without him. I will definitely be going back to JD's brunch shack soon.
As many food bloggers have noted, the entire community has been mourning Tastespotting, I decided not to say anything redundant regarding the matter until we had a suitable replacement. Well fear not my foodie friends, Food Gawker is born.


DC Food Blog said...

Thanks for suggesting the blog. I'm having a blast reading it.

The Food Monster said...

No problem, I am glad you like it. If you want to see anything made just let me know.

Hendersonville Epicurean said...

Thanks for the heads-up on Food Gawker!

Your Challa French Toast Brunch sounds like a lot of fun. Not only good food, but a great way to spend a Sunday morning/afternoon!

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