Monday, June 9, 2008

Tower of H'ville - Fred 62 knockoff

If you read my latest review of the Tower of Babel sandwich I had at the popular hangout Fred 62, you will notice it didn't get an exceptional rating from me. Some of you weren't too happy about that. Well, like I mentioned in that post, I decided to stay home and make a sandwich of my own, based on the same Tower of Babel scheme.
My goal, was to make a tastier, cheaper vegetarian version of the Fred 62 sandwich, as I grew up in Hendersonville, NC, the new sandwich shall be named the Tower of H'ville.
I started with some 8 grain Wheat Bread. Two slices. I felt that three was a bit much unless there was a sauce to balance it out. To further combat the dryness, I added a thin layer of Mayo. The only tomatoes I had in the house were sweet Cherry tomatoes, so I sliced 10 of them up into 3 slivers each and covered each half with tomatoes. As for Cheese goes, I used a New Zealand Sharp Cheddar. Probably a much higher quality cheese than the standard Fred 62 slice of Cheddar. After broiling the open faced sandwiches until the cheese melted, I added an entire ripe avocado.
I decided to leave the sandwich open faced and eat it with a fork and knife. Another problem with the Tower of Babel, was method of consumption. I had to squish the sandwich and run through a 15 minute jaw warm-up exercise routine in order to get a bite of the large sandwich. With having two open-faced sandwiches, that problem has been eliminated.

The verdict: The only thing the open-faced Tower of H'ville lacks are the fried onion straws. However, you don't miss them, with the flavorful avocado, tomato and cheese, this sandwich was not lacking, but could have been enhanced. The problem of consumption and dryness were eliminated and the total cost from store to dishwasher came out to be about $2.06. Not bad for a delicious meal.

Sandwich Rating: B

I hope you enjoyed this sandwich, if you would like me to make a cheaper alternative to a high-priced restaurant item, please email me at

-The Food Monster

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Yo Soy! said...

hahaha jaw warmup--i hate sandwiches like that!

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