Saturday, June 7, 2008

PiMai It's Thai

Most of my group had plans to see a show at the UCB theater for a 10:00pm show. So, after gathering everybody we left around 8:30pm for a thai place down on Hollywood and the 101. Realizing how slow we all were, we decided to change up the restaurant to PiMai It's Thai, which is about 2 blocks East of the UCB theater. Boy am I glad we did.

I started things off as I usually do at a Thai restaurant, with Thai Iced Tea. The tea comes with a heavy cream on top, here are before and after shots of the tea/cream. Incredibly flavorful with a hint of sweetness, and oh so chilly. Delicious in my book.

As we were in a hurry, everybody quickly decided on their selections and ordered. I went with my go-to favorite in Beef Pad Thai.

Luckily for me, I have been here before and have tried both the Islander Curry (w/pineapple), the Yellow Curry and the Pad Thai. Both curries were excellent, although the yellow curry only had potatoes and carrots. I could use a bit more vegetables or variety with that flavorful curry. I imagine this is remedied in the Vegetable Yellow Curry dish. The Islander seemed to have canned pineapple in it, and wasn't as appealing as I had hoped for when I read it contained pineapple. However, the curry sauce more than made up for it. But I am here to talk about the pad thai.

I was pleased with the Pad Thai. Not the best I have had in the world, but well above average. I like how it came with a lime and crushed peanuts on the side, rather than already on it. I of course love both, but I also enjoy that the option is there. The plate was large and filling and the green onions were fresh. The dish as a whole tasted like it was prepared only after I had ordered it, which is what I like to taste in a Thai dish. My friend on my left ordered a Cashew Chicken dish, which less desirable in flavor and presentation. Although, there was clearly effort put into the dish. I won't ever order that from PiMai when they are still making a delicious Pad Thai and these fantastic curries.

Total price, with tax, tip, drink, and dish for me was around $15, so very affordable. For a great curry or Pad Thai, head on over to PiMai. They also have cheaper lunch options. Then afterwards check out the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

PiMai It's Thai
5833 Franklin Ave. Hollywood, CA 90028

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