Friday, July 18, 2008


Heliotrope is a fine street. Home to lots of construction, ticket happy parking police, a great Vegan restaurant that even Pamela frequents, and of course, the best place in Scoops!
Scoops has become a running joke in our household. When anyone asks what we are doing in a given day, the answer usually involves some form of, "...and going to Scoops". Out of towners, are mystified, one, because they don't know what scoops is, and two, because they don't understand we don't actually go everyday.
Scoops, is not your typical American Ice Cream stand. There is something different about it. Quite possibly, it could be the flavors. These flavors are real. Whatever they are named, they were made with those ingredients, and taste just like them. Almost straight out of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, The Banana Oreo, tastes like Banana Oreo. The Coffee Cinnamon, tastes like Coffee Cinnamon.
The flavors also change quite often. Whenever they run out of a batch of something, they replace it with a completely different flavor. They may have some staples, or people just don't eat them , hence why they are always there. They also have Sorbets, and Vegan Ice Cream. For the lactose intolerant or to cater to Yo Soy and the Pure Luck crowd.
When you arrive at Scoops, you walk under a giant sample spoon Mobile. It's a small little place, and is either almost empty or way overcrowded. It's probably because the staff are so quick in handing out Ice Cream, that people get in and get out to begin enjoying the wonderful flavors immediately.
My favorite flavor is the Thai Iced Tea flavor. It tasts like they went to PiMai It's Thai, stole their recipe, added cold and voila. My other favorite was Honey Lavendar.

I just so happen to have a photo of Honey Lavender. The bottom flavor is Chocolate Raspberry, and wasn't as good. I went back for a refill ($1.75) and got Papaya Guava Sorbet with the Honey Lavender. They paired well together.
At any rate, Scoops, is not your gateway Ice Cream Parlor. You should head over there after you Ice Cream pallete is sophisticated enough to appreciate the intricacies of Scoops Ice Cream.

712 N Heliotrope
Los Angeles, CA
323. 906.2649

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Kirby! said...

anyone who reads this should understand that the food monster is not exaggerating when he says that he suggests going to scoops every day. EVERY DAY.

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