Friday, July 11, 2008

Dessert at the Beach - Dr. Rootbeer's Hall of Foam and Fourth of July Brownie Sundae

Before I begin, let me follow-up on a previous post. I had told you all about the 4 new batter flavors from Coldstone Creamery. I finally got Lauren to go with me in Chapel Hill. To my dismay, they only had two flavors, Chocolate Cake Batter, and Blueberry Muffin Batter. They were both delicious on a tasting. She got Bluberry Muffin Batter with Cake mix-in. I got Chocolate Cake Batter, Peanut Butter, Coffee, and Raspberries and Butterfinger Mix-ins. We were both underwhelmed. They were way too intense, of Blueberry and Suagr flavorings to finish either. I hope the Carrot Cake is done a little more gracefully, but it sounds like Jesus Christ Flavored Ice Cream, would only get a slight change (Cake Batter to Chocolate Cake Batter) if any.

I told you all that while I was in North Topsail that I would be visiting Dr. Rootbeer's Hall of Foam, and made sure to keep on my promise. At first there was some confusion as to whether or not it still existed. Apparently, the owners, decided to go down to N. Myrtle Beach at Barefoot Landing and open a Dr. Rootbeer's Hall of Foam there. A great idea considering the larger amount of foot traffic that the "Boardwalk" gets. One quick call, from Lauren's brother-in-law, straightened it all out and we discovered they had inded done this. However, while there was no mention of the Snead's Ferry location on the website, they had only gone to N. Myrtle Beach, to help start another Hall of Foam, and had since come back a week or two earlier to open the Snead's Ferry Location for the summer, lucky us. After our dinner at Rick's, we plugged in the Hall of Foam into our GPS and headed the 5 miles to the mystical location. There was some build up and expectations that I had in my head for this wonderful place. After all, Hendersonville, NC, boasts a fine hand-dipped Ice Cream establishment itself, in Miss Piggy's. I was expecting something on a grandeur scale. I realized though, that we were in Snead's Ferry, NC. What I got was an old renovated Gas Station, filled with gimmicky decorations, delicious Root Beer, and great Ice Cream. I ordered a Small Root Beer Float. One or Two scoops of Ice Cream, filled with Root Beer, and then a swirl helps create the mountain of foam that overflows the lid if you don't slurp it up quick. Mine, felt a little light, so I asked them for another scoop of Ice Cream, which they happily obliged with two. That sent me on a nice sugar fest for the next half-hour. The ice cream, was deliciously creamy and not too sweet, and the Root Beer superb. (The picture above is pre-extra scoops of ice cream.)
If I am ever in the area, either near Snead's Ferry, or Myrtle Beach, I will probably visit again. I am really interested in their Pot Roast Burger. As a large dry erase board had hinted at when we pulled up. Too bad we went to Rick's earlier.

Another dessert treat we had on our trip was a Fourth of July Brownie Sundae. We got to the end of the week, and still had a gallon of Ice Cream. Lauren's brother and sister-in-law, stopped and got Brownies and Cookies to bake, and we went about our merry way.
Details: The brownies, were done exactly as I like them. Still a little gooey, but done. I always choose a middle section.
Ice Cream: 1/2 Gallon of Breyer's Double Churned Vanilla
1/2 Gallon of Breyer's Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream.
Toppings include: Fruit, Whipped Cream, and the Hard Shell Chocolate Sauce, which eluded us and its whereabouts are still a mystery, (it may still be at the store).
I put in some Brownies, added both kinds of Ice Cream, Topped it with an Oreo cookie, added Blackberries, Blueberries, and sliced Strawberries, topping it off with excessive amounts of Whip Cream!!! A fourth of July Brownie Sundae! It tasted just as good as it looks. I hope next time you are at the beach, you are able to give your sweet tooth a little something, something.

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