Monday, July 14, 2008

Beach Rewind Wrapup - Elmo's Diner

Wow, I guess the Dessert post, was the last food from the beach that I have photos of. This next post will conclude the Beach Rewind.
Before Lauren and I left for the Beach, we decided to hit up our favorite Diner in Chapel Hill/Carrboro, in Elmo's. Elmo's isn't your typical diner. Sure they have killer pies, good food throughout the day, and Diner booths, but they are nestled in a corner of a refurbished warehouse, with beautiful photography on the walls, outdoor (heated) seating, and they serve a fantastic breakfast, good enough to not be expected at a Diner.

After a short wait, we had a jumbo booth large enough for 4 adults. We each grabbed a water with a lemon wedge floating in it and delved into the menu. Lauren had come for one thing and one thing only, the Blueberry pancakes.Me, I needed some more time to peruse the menu. I have been here several times and have never disliked my experience, yet I usually try to switch it up and get something different.

The restaurant does attract the granola crowd, complete with crying babies, however, that is just another component of the atmosphere. After all, the website says it's kid friendly.
After a little debate over getting a Waffle, one of their 8 specials of the day, Peach Pancakes with eggs, or something else, I decided to make my own omelet. I added Spinach, Mushrooms, Bacon, and Feta. What a great combination of ingredients. The omelet was cooked well, and had the Feta all gooey inside, their home fries, or quartered red potatoes, left a little to be desired. Only about half of them were cooked all the way. The others were a little bit on the raw side of al dente. The sourdough toast was light and crispy. Especially after I applied a mixture of Strawberry Jam and Apple Cinnamon Jelly from their Jelly caddy.
Lauren's blueberry pancakes, were as always delicious and worth returning for.

I guess it doesn't matter what you get, Elmo's is always hopping, and worth a-stoppin'. Next time you can make it to Carrboro or Chapel Hill, get over there to eat any meal of the day.
(There is also a rumored Elmo's in Durham, although I have never been, and don't recommend it as it is probably filled with Dook students/fans)

Elmo's Diner
200 N Greensboro St
Carrboro, NC


Kirby! said...

i LOVED elmo's!! that was MY brunch place. the farmer's omelet was my fave. i also used to steal all the jelly packets from the table whenever i went there. just ask joe.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Don't diss Durham Elmo's! It's mostly townies and the food and service are excellent. Also, Durham has less granolas lol.

Steve said...

In my opinion, the Durham Elmo's is better than the Chapel Hill one. That might just be sentimental value though, I went to the NC School of Science and Math just down the street and that was one of the closest places to walk to.

Anonymous is right, there magically aren't many Duke kids there, at least when I've gone - mostly townies, NCSSM kids, etc.

The Durham location is at 776 9th St. (


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