Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eat'n High Thai Food

Yay! It's time for another Thai post. I think Thai food might be my favorite food type. Definitely in the top three.
The day went like this. It started out as a lazy Sunday afternoon. My housemate Joe wanted to go test drive a car, so we go way over to the West side (not only WoVermont, but Wothe405), where you can smell salt, I don't usually travel that far WOV. On the way back, after three hours of driving, traffic, test driving in traffic, and starting to drive back, we decide on a great deli in Santa Monica.
So great, that it is closed on Sundays. As are the next 5 places we try to visit.
Then I remembered that both Liz over at Yo Soy! and Kirby at Von Scrumptious have recommended the whole in the wall that is Eat'n High Thai. With a name like that, I suspect the owners are poets, and probably don't even know that they are.

I ordered a Gang Panang Curry, and a Thai Iced Tea. I was a little dissapointed that White Meat Chicken, or Shrimp costs an extra $1.00
$6.99 for the beef curry fit my budget, and we were on our way ToGo back to the house. It was a good curry, great tea, and not bad on price. Not the best Thai food, but good enough atmosphere for a sit down meal, and I would go back to again.

Joe got some sort of dinner special, or pad thai, or noodle dish, or soup, or curry. Ok, so I don't exactly remember what he got. He liked it though. Give it a try if you are EOV someday.
Eat'n High Thai
4501 Fountain Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

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Pam said...

I LOVE Thai food too! Nothing better than peanut sauce.

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