Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crepes, Finnish style

Ok, here we go, it's been about 4 days, and I am finally getting around to posting an old post. This whole work thing is really getting in the way of blogging. I guess, the whole paying rent is getting in the way of not working. It is a vicious cycle I tell you.

This was one of the last meals that Dasha came up with before she moved back to New York. Finnish style crepes. They might be Russian or some other Scandanavian style, but she is half-Finnish, so that's what they will be called. The crepes were a typical simple recipe, similar to the Argentine influenced, Panqueques.

The only difference were the insides. On the left, we have Salami, and English Cheddar inside. These ingredients were added right after the crepe was finished cooking, before it was removed from the pan in order to properly melt the cheese, and warm the Salami. Fresh Dill was added as a garnish. Boy what a difference an herb makes.

The crepes on the right are vegetarian friendly. Ripe, fresh aprictos are sliced, and placed inside along with a goat cheese. We had a three pack of regular, herb filled, and I believe a red pepper goat cheese. This photo contains the herbed cheese, and with a few leaves of mint, perfectly complemented the apricots.
Come up with your own filling and let me know what your favorites are. Until then, enjoy this Finnish take, on a American twisted, French


Pam said...

I haven't eaten many savory crepes and these look amazing.

Yo Soy! said...

Food Monster, you misspelled "Finnish" approximately 8 thousand times in this post. It sounds as if Dasha is half-dead or something.

These look similar to the german style crepes my Oma makes called Polychinkas. I like how crepes are so universal.

The Food Monster said...

I have loved crepes since, 4th grade French class. Our teacher made us all some with Peanut Butter, Jelly, or Hershey's Syrup.

Yo Soy!, I never said grammar was my strong suit.

teenage glutster said...

thanks for taking the time to drop a line.

Anyways, yeah, la Parrilla is pretty decent and safe, pricy but alright.

Stick with their unambiguous specials (any "molcajete") or their "huarache Azteca".

Let me know how it turns out...

Tom Aarons said...

These look delicious. Yum!

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