Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sashimi Snacks

We had a subletter who lives in NY, and occasionally comes to LA for jobs. She was in town for the fourth and was still here for a few days when I returned from the beach. The next day, I was greeted with Dasha's (Dah - Shh - a), Sashimi Snacks. Dasha, picked up a pound of Sashimi Grade Tuna from a farmer's Market, earlier in the week, and had just thawed it. The day before she had gone to a wonderful Scandinavian Market, where she picked up liver pate, Finnish Cheese, and a loaf of whole wheat Scandinavian Pumpernickel. These simple Sashimi Snacks, are made with Toasted pieces of that pumpernickel, a healthy cut of Tuna, a dollop of Wasabi Mayonaisse, I believe from Trader Joe's, and Fresh Dill on top. In case you haven't used it yet, fresh Dill, is leaps and bounds tastier than dried dill. What a difference fresh herbs make. The Wasabi Mayo, helped to fuse this Asian-Scandinavian-American Snack into one. I hope you can get some Sashimi Grade Tuna soon and experiment with it's rich flavor.


Sarah at TasteSpotting said...

love that your idea of snacks is sashimi. mine is...flamin hot cheetos ;)

The Food Monster said...

They don't call me The Food Monster for nothing.

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