Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pho Cafe

Tucked away in a tiny strip mall, in Silver Lake, Pho Cafe is a hidden gem. The only Vietnamese restaurant I have to compare it to, is Lime and Basil in Chapel Hill, NC. Pho Cafe, is just as tasty, while cheaper. This wasn't my first attempt at eating here. The first time, Scrumptious, Joe and I were in a time rush, and figured Pho Cafe would be a quick place to eat. If we hadn't spent 30 minutes looking for it, then I think we would have been fine. If you call them, they say, we are near the liquor store, and are the ones without a sign. On this strip of sunset, there are 4 liquor stores within sight. Once we had found it, there wasn't enough time, and we put it off for another day.

Back to the day at hand. Three of us again ventured to Pho Cafe. After a quick 10 minute wait, we had menus in hand and were sitting down. I ordered a Beef Pho, Dasha, a vegetarian cold noodle dish and a beer and her friend Nate, a different cold noodle dish. I also grabbed a Lemonade.
Here is where it gets interesting. The waiter brings us out a plate of lettuce, and what appears to be 3 spring rolls. Nate, confidently tells us, these must be complimentary. As we tear into them, a lady at the table next to us, tells us how to eat them. Roll them up in the lettuce and add mint she says, I love those and get them everytime. About this time, a lemonade and beer are delivered to her table. Once the Pho arrives, and another Pho for Dasha, we figure something is up. Apparently the waiter had confused our tables. So, the other table got their Pho and Spring Rolls, we eventually got our Lemonade and Beer, and food, and everybody was on their merry way.

The spring rolls were delicious, although I wouldn't pay more than a couple bucks for such a small appetizer. The Pho was outstanding. It came with lots of veggies to put in it, just see above picture. It gave me 2 more meals later on that week. The cold dishes, were finished, bowls licked clean, so you can imagine how they were received. Also, the lemonade was some of the best I have ever had. Lots of tart, and just the right amount of sweetness to balance it out. Lots of pulp, definitely a hand squeezed job. It was also a very cheap meal, setting us back less than $10 a person.
I will return next time I get a Pho urge again.

Pho Cafe

2841 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026


Cathy C said...

Thanks for the tip - I am an LA girl and will put this on my list of places to try


Kirby! said...

let's go here tomorrow!!!

Yo Soy! said...

i'm glad you liked Pho Cafe as much as I do! the part about the mix up made me laugh out loud. great post!

Yo Soy! said...

hey there banana brain--i nominated you for a Brillante Weblog award--see the details on my blog, and then you should nominate seven of your fave blogs!

Kirby! said...

time for an update, food monster!! your readers are spoiled after your i-put-up-a-new-post-everyday spree last week!!

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