Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good Morning Beach Breakfast Biscuits

Good Morning Beach Breakfast Biscuits as seen on

Now on to food actually from the Beach trip. Going back over my photos, I realized I didn't actually take that many. When meals rolled around, I often was halfway through it before I realized it would go perfect in the blog. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

We started things off by grilling out the first night. Lauren and I brought marinated Chicken and 24 Ears of Corn from the Farmer's Market. We also had a Farmer's Market Melon feast (Cantaloupe and Watermelon). This was one of those times I forgot. However, I will tell you, giving that chicken a good day and a half in the marinade really helped with having a moist flavorful meat.
Breakfast was usually something simple like cereal or fried egg and English muffin. So no need to photograph those. Then, one morning her brother made everybody a tray full of biscuit sandwiches. With ingredients pulled from the fridge we had 4 types.

Grands Biscuits
Fried Eggs
Sausage or Turkey Bacon
White American or MuensterAll contained Grands Biscuits and a Fried Egg. Then some had Sausage and White American Cheese, Sausage and Muenster Cheese, the rest had Turkey Bacon, with either White American or Muenster. Once all the Biscuit Sandwiches were assembled, they returned to the oven to finish melting the cheese. Due to the abundance of these, I had both a Sausage and Muenster and a Turkey Bacon and Muenster. Both were some of the best biscuit sandwiches I have ever had. Growing up in NC, that's saying something. Don't knock Turkey Bacon when you don't have real Bacon. It's still better than nothing. I hope you can get a group of friends together soon and whip up a batch of these.


Chris Sauter said...

these look insane. nothing better than a biscuit sandwich - yum. we make a biscuit benedict with ham instead of canadian bacon and biscuits instead of the english muffins. lots of hollandaise sauce, of course. thanks for the inspiration. -chris

love, tastespotting said...

we are convinced that the only reason mcdonald's exists is for the breakfast, specifically the sausage buiscuit...but if we make them like you, they're going out of business

Kirby! said...

food monster on tastespotting!! holla!!!

The Food Monster said...

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for the support for the Beach Biscuit. All the credit has to go to Lauren's (my girlfriend) brother for waking up and making such deliciousness.
Chris: Do you make your own hollandaise sauce? I would love a recipe.
Tastespotting: Thanks for posting it. I used to always beg my dad for Sausage Biscuits from McDonalds, whenever they were $.99, now my tatses have matured and I enjoy a Bojangles (in the south, yes Brooklyn has one, but it's more of a Popeyes with a Bojangles roof) Cajun Chicken Biscuit.
Kirby: Thanks Kirby, it feels good to belong to the, on Tastespotting club.

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