Monday, August 11, 2008

Watermelon Granita

I was browsing around trying to figure out what to do with the other half of a Watermelon, left over from the weekend. In the past I made Gazpacho. This time I wanted a frosty drink, or Sorbet type food. I found the term Granita floating around the foodie blogosphere, and had no idea what it was. However, it sounded like something I needed to try. Granita, in its simplest form, is a granular, frozen dessert. Here is a link to a Watermelon Granita on The Food Network's site.

For my Watermelon Granita, I started with half a watermelon, and sliced off the rind and cubed it on a cutting board. I ended up getting hungry and probably ate my way down to 4 cups. I then filled up the blender as best I could with the remaining watermelon. I was out of sugar, so that ingredient was omitted, I threw in 1TBS each of Lemon and Lime juice. To add a little bit of color and flavor, I washed and chopped 5-6 leaves of fresh spearmint.
The general consensus was to rake or fluff the mixture every hour in the freezer until you feel you can leave it and it won't freeze together. I was doing ten different things, and started raking at 45 minutes, and again at the hour and a half mark. A few more times and it was close to a snowcone consistency. The mixture was a little on the sour side. I remedied this by drizzling honey over top, which instantly congealed and created a taffyesque top. I ended up with exactly what I desired, a frozen refreshing treat that utilized the last half of a watermelon. Enjoy!!!
I would also like to extend a congratulations to my food blog friends, Kirby Von Scrumptious, and Liz at Yo Soy!. Their blogs were featured on Leftover Queen's Finest Foodies Friday.

Watermelon Granita
4 cups of Watermelon
2 TBS of Citrus juice (sour)
1 TBS of sugar, dissolved

Blend until smooth, freeze. Every hour, rake mixture with a fork until Granular.


Mochachocolata Rita said...

it seems doable for granita virgins like me...i'll give it a try, maybe minus the citrus.

thx for the idea! :)

Rochelle said...

Interesting! I've been wanting to make granita for quite some time ... I like the idea of using fruit, as I was planning on doing a coffee variety.

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