Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Asian Themed Night Part 1: Things Tempura

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This is the part 1 in a 3 part series from one night.
Part 2 can be found here.

Things Tempura:Kirby Von Scrumptious and I got together the night before the opening ceremonies for the Olympics to make Sushi. It turned out we made much more than that (I'm only talking food here). All of the food turned out to have an Asain theme to it, and is perfect to eat while watching the Olympics, the NFL, or for a midday snack.
We started with Things Tempura. This started out as Shrimp Tempura, however, we had lots of tempura batter left over and Kirby went to town, therefore, I call it Things Tempura now.

The Tempura batter comes from the easy recipe on the side of a Tempura box. I am not sure where Kirby got this box from, but we had it, so logically, we used it. I was ready to use this site, Shrimp Tempura Recipe before the box. The ingredients looked similar, so give it a read, at least for the helpful hints, especially tip #5 on how to keep the Shrimp from curling while cooking.
We bought pre-cooked shrimp, as they were on sale, and they worked just fine, pre-curled and all. So, we dredged them in the tempura batter, held them in the air for a couple of seconds to drip off excess, and put them right into the hot oil. We tempuraed (is tempura a verb, is there a past tense of said verb?) Shrimp, Carrot sticks, and Broccoli. The Broccoli turned out crispy on the outside, cooked on the inside, the carrot sticks could probably be a little thinner so they aren't a giant crunch stick. The Shrimp, needed just a little bit of Salt and Pepper afterwards. Once golden brown (Adam breaks down the term, "Golden Brown"), they were removed and plated with a simple dipping sauce, made by Kirby.

The dipping sauce:

A splash of Soy Sauce (you don't want to overdo it)
2 TBS of Wasabi Mayonaise
3/4 cup of Rice Vinegar
Small handful of toasted Sesame Seeds (Mitch Hedberg says: What is a Sesame...we never give it a chance...it's a street...)Final product, Shrimp Tempura, dipped in the sauce, I believe this is the hand of Kirby's boo, (man friend) Joe. Enjoy!

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Kirby! said...

tempura is so much fun!! ever since that night, i have been tempura-ing everything in sight: vegetables.... ice cream... the cat....

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