Friday, August 22, 2008

Malo - a malo review

My friends and I went to Malo one night for Chips and Margaritas. I was expecting the Mexican restaurants of the East Coast, all you can eat delicious, warm, salty chips, and cheap meals ($5.00-$8.95). What I got, was completely a surprise. The chips, while delicious were charged per basket. They had dry chips, and then chewy chips, which tasted a bit like they had been left in the oil too long. However, they were also delicious.
My housemate Joe got a Margarita or two, I think they were somewhere between $10.00 and $14.00 per glass, and not that great from what I gathered.
I ordered Carnitas ($6.00) and Guacamole ($7.00) for dinner. I was expecting a little bit more guacamole. The Carnitas were average and oh so tiny. The meat on them (pork) was kind of disgusting and poorly cooked, with tons of flavorless fat. The guacamole was super great. That might have been because it was really fresh and good, or because it sat next to my Carnitas. I believe it was because of the fresh Avocados Cilantro, and Olives for a garnish. Next time though, I would rather hit up a Taco Cart. At least there, I can get some kind of service and a refill on water when I am desperate.

I usually leave the contact info and address for a restaurant that I review, but don't bother going, the prices were a bit on the upside and normally that is ok if you get great food in return. This wasn't worth the investment of time or money.

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Kirby! said...

I used to like Malo, but I will agree that this particular visit with the Food Monster was really crappy. It was so awful that I had an anxiety attack right after we left.... SERIOUSLY.

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