Friday, August 15, 2008

Asian Themed Night Part 3: Sushi, Crab and Crunchy Shrimp Roll

This is the part 3 in a 3 part series from one night of gourmet Asian cuisine.
You can find Part 1 and Part 2 here.

I always love making Sushi. As a Westerner, an uneducated Westerner at that, I don't know the true definition of Sushi, I refer to it is as Seaweed and rice rolled around something. You could have avocado, cooked or raw seafood, or even fruit, just something inside.

Sashimi, on the other hand, I like to think of, as something similar without seaweed paper. So, maybe a pad of rice, with raw fish as an example. Again, I may be way off base here. But those are the two terms I use and the definitions I have for them. If you know what they truly mean, please enlighten me.

With that, my favorite sushi roll by far is a Crunchy Shrimp Roll. Ever since Lauren and I had a date at Akai Hana in Carrboro, NC, we have been going back, just for the Crunchy Shrimp Roll.
Now, when we go, we order a new roll to try it out, 1 Spicy Tuna Roll, and 2-3 Crunchy Shrimp Rolls. For me, this was what inspired Asian night.

In Part 1, we made the Tempura Shrimp.

To make Sushi, you have to start with Japanese Sticky Rice. I used the recipe from the above link, easy enough. Also, I believe in lieu of the Vinegar, Salt, and Sugar, you can buy something called Seasoned Rice Vinegar, which is pre-combined for you.
Once you have your rice, take your bamboo sushi mat, lay down a sheet of Nori (Seaweed Rolling Paper), and press your rice into a flat layer, leaving 2 inches from the bottom, and about 4 inches from the top.

If you are a beginner keep the rice on top of the paper as you roll, once you have mastered that, you can flip the mat, so the rice is pressed onto the seaweed, and is the middle if it were a sandwich. That way, when you roll it comes out on the outside. It is much harder to cut into pieces, and requires a sharp knife.

We cut up Avocado, Cucumber, Carrots, Celery, we had Crab from a can (sad times), Tempura Shrimp, and Cream Cheese.

Next, add your ingredients in a line, don't overload it. One line per ingredient. Carefully tuck the rice and paper over the inside ingredients and wrap it on itself. All the while, don't let the mat get in the roll. Then with constant pressure, form the roll, and gently pull the mat away from the roll.
Then place in the fridge for at least 10 minutes to allow the rice to cool, cut into 8 pieces, and serve with pickled ginger soy sauce, wasabi and chopsticks.

Garnish with some toasted Sesame Seeds.

This last picture has all three pieces from the night. Enjoy!!!


Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer said...

That looks yummy. What is so nice is that you no longer have to search all over town for the ingrediants "most" regular stores carry everything. Great job

Shannon and Scott said...

Sushi is actually just the rice with a piece of fish on top. Maki is a type of sushi that is rolled up. Sashimi is pieces of raw fish with no rice.

marisa said...

Sushi = any dish that contains vinegar dressed sushi rice

Sashimi = just raw fish without rice

Looks like you had a blast! Keep on rolling :)

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