Tuesday, August 19, 2008

El Tepeyac Cafe

I think El Tepeyac, is Spanish for, the journey. Let me tell you a story about a journey and a giant burrito.

Once upon a time in a busy city on the Western side of the Western world, there lived a Monster. He was a nice friendly monster with an appetite that could not be conquered. Day after day, he would search and search for enough food to fill him up.
One day, he heard that a friend who works on a TV show in Culver City, had a stage manager, who drove all the way East of Vermont (EOV), to a little Mexican joint for a burrito big enough to feed the entire Art Department. The monster, knowing he could probably consume the art department of said show, decided this burrito must be big enough for him.
So, one day, the monster and his house mate, got into a car, and drove the 7 miles down to Boyle Heights, to a place called El Tepeyac. They ordered one overpriced Manuel's Chicken Burrito ($19.50), and an overpriced pint of guacamole ($5.50).
The burrito was served in a cardboard box, that comes in a case of 24 water bottles. Granted, the box had an aluminum lining, but still, ridiculous.

The Food Monster, and friend ate and ate for 4 days, and 4 nights, and one more day, until the burrito was all gone.

Guacomole, was terrible this day. There have been great reviews about it, and I will have to try it again just to make sure, but it was really bad this one day. The burrito: It was enormous, I ate on it for about 12 meals, my friend 1. The sour cream, and guacamole inside didn't keep well after the first meal. They put a rather obscene quantity of chicken, rice, and other goodies inside what seemed like an entire pack of flour tortillas. It was smothered in cheese, a cheese sauce, and some sort of red sauce, which was not quite enchilada sauce. The burrito itself, was bigger than a large baby, twins even.

Get down to El Tepeyac, although it is in The Heights, it is well worth it, to experience that massive burrito at least once.

El Tepeyac Cafe
812 North Evergreen Ave
Boyle Heights
(213) 268-1960
and the giant burrito


Kirby! said...

One day, I visited the Food Monster's house when he wasn't there and ate a huge slice of this burrito, and he didn't even notice when he got home. That's how big this thing was.

Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer said...

Are you kidding!! That is the biggest burrito I have ever seen- You could easily feed a small community on this one. My Hubby works dowtown on Grand and I will tell him to grab one of these for dinner (for a week!!).

Liz (¡Yo Soy!) said...

For the record, when I had El Tepeyac's guacamole it was delicious, so I am convinced you just got a bad batch or something.

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