Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Guest Blog: Uncle Cray, Hamburger Bliss

Today's Guest Blog was written by my housemate Craig, who decided to go by the pseudonym Uncle Cray in his Hamburger recipe post entitled "Hamburger Bliss". Without further introduction, here is Uncle Cray's Hamburger Bliss.

Uncle Cray here, writing my first ever blog of any kind. I've got a quick recipe for some hamburgers that are so good you'll spit on a vegan passing by in the street for missing out on this true Hamburger bliss. Anyway, here goes...
Start with whatever amount of hamburger meat [ground] you want. Add enough Worchestershire sauce to soak the meat. Well saturated is the goal, not dripping wet with the stuff, the meat should smell like the sauce or the flavor won't survive the grilling, and you DON'T want that.

Next add about a spoonful or two of minced garlic or garlic powder and/or Mrs. Dash will do the trick.
Next chop up half of an onion (or more depending on your taste), doesn't matter if it's red, yellow or white, although I prefer red. Add this to the meat and hand mix, making sure the garlic, onions, and any other mixins that you desire are evenly distributed throughout the meat.

Finally, add in three or four shakes of pepper to complete the concoction, hand mix thoroughly again.
Now that the meat is mixed you're ready to grill. Make sure the grill isn't on too high or you'll end up with hockey puck burgers. I'm sure you aren't down for eating hockey pucks unless you hail from Canada or Detroit like Yo Soy!
Make sure also that you don't squish the patties down on the grill or you're just gonna squeeze out all that delicious Worchestershire sauce flavor, and possibly scorch the meat too when the sauce causes huge flames to rise and burn your burgers...this ain't Burger King people, no flame broilin' necessary, only krunkliciousness. So, for lazy folk here's the simple recipe laid out in short bus form for all to enjoy.

Hamburger meat: evenly mix in minced garlic and/or garlic powder, worchestershire sauce, pepper, chopped onion....then grill to perfection and enjoy. The amounts of each ingredient aren't scientific, it's purely a personal choice, just make sure to account that a bit extra is perfect as some of the flavor cooks out on the grill, although I've found a George Forman grill is a bit better about keeping the flavah.
Anyway, there you have it, Uncle Cray's Hamburger Bliss, coming in via The Food Monster, this is Uncle Cray saying "food is good eatin', Family Guy is bad writing". Mwaaa Haahaa!

There you have it, a simple hamburger recipe that roused the crowd here last night at our labor day Barbeque. You can look forward to recipes for Sangria and Sweet Potato Fries (pictured above).

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Kirby! said...

Excellent post, Uncle Cray! Maybe your next sitcom should be about a hilariously crass hamburger chef....

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