Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The best thing about going to a MLB game is definitely the food. Now while I haven't been since I was around 14, I can always pretend, in doing so, Stadium style brautwurst is what I bring you today. I like to simmer mine in beer, saurkraut and onions. To start things off I sliced a whole white onion and added 2 TBS of minced garlic. Then I sauteed the mixture and split it up into a baby pot for the vegan brautwurst (you can find them in Von's), and real brauts. I had two different kinds of Brauts, stadium-style, which I assume means untouched and normal, and then brauts with pieces of cheddar inside, so when they are fully heated up, you have gooey melted cheese flavoring it from the inside.

I used a cheap beer in Foster's, which isn't actually anywhere close to Australian for beer, and an Oatmeal Stockyard which was in my fridge and Joe hadn't consumed yet. I added the beer and saurkraut and simmered the brauts for about 20 minutes,then I removed the brauts with tongues and put them in a pan on high heat to sear in the goodness and brown the outside.Seared Vegan Brauts

Then I drained most of the beer out of the saurkraut and onion mixture, and returned the brauts to keep warm until they were served. Vegan Brauts, returned to saurkraut

I love them with mustard, mayo, ketchup, and some cheese sprinkled on top. Here, one is shown with mustard, cheese, and homemade pickeld cucumbers and onions. Which my girlfriend taught me how to make and I will share in a future post.
Get out there and pretend you are at a game, and enjoy!

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Joe said...

so that's what happened to my other stockyard...

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