Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Free Kentucky Grilled Chicken from KFC

Free Chicken at KFC. They have a great marketing strategy to get people to try their new Grilled Chicken. Go on the oprah show, and give it away. Thanks to my mom and Joe for sending me the links.
Free Chicken as seen on Oprah!
But you have to download it by tonight, limit 4 per ip address.



¡Yo Soy Liz! said...

Andrew this is disgusting. Promoting KCF in any way shape or form is horrible. They have some of the cruelest factory farms in the fast food industry and they are a major contributor to our nation's obesity EPIDEMIC. I think less of you as a person for blindly promoting this.

The Food Monster said...

Thank you for your comment Liz. I'm still not encouraging anyone to support KFC with their money, getting something for free is different. Even if the chicken was bad, and the worker gave me Mac N Cheese instead of wedges. In fact, I encourage everyone to not spend any money at KFC for reasons Yo Soy listed, but more importantly, the food isn't good. Use the Oprah coupon, get your free biscuit and move on.

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