Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Philly Steak Factory, a review

Each and every time I return to the triangle, the first place I try to get to is the Philly Steak Factory in Durham. I also think to myself, that it will be good like I remember.... and then I take a bite, and it is never like I remember. It is always 100% better, and I try to figure out why I don't go more often.
I have recently moved to Raleigh, and thus don't get over to Durham as easily anymore. However, this past Friday, I was planning on heading over to the campus at UNC, for the annual Carolina Comedy Festival with headliner Lewis Black. This particular night featured Keenan Thompson, who did a fine job, although, I am looking forward to Rory Albanese of the Daily Show, returning to his role as Emcee.
My friend Joel accompanied me and suggested our favorite restaurant so we hit it up on the way.
My order always seems to be taken by the same guy each time (the owner) which gives it a great community feel. We got 2 whole (Philly Steaks) with fries and a drink. They have other items from salads, to Pitas, but I've never bothered to try anything else. I'm sure they are amazing but, if it isn't broke, don't fix it.
As noted in my previous posts on my short Philly Steak Tour, It's all about the little things. The fact that the marinated (hot) meat juice is poured over the hand-chopped meat to melt the cheese, the cajun seasoning for the fries on every table, the fresh brewed sweet tea, you just can't find these things in PA. Above is some great hand chopping going on.
As Joel and I tasted our fresh made sandwiches, we both remarked out loud how it was better than we remembered. I vow to be back, soon, very soon.
As I brought along my camera this time, and we had some time to kill before the comedy show, we walked by Time Out for a Vanilla Chipper. Basically, it is 2 pints of Vanilla Ice Cream sandwiched between two enormous chocolate chip cookies.
Although it takes awhile to eat, as you can see from the pictures, it isn't possible for this to a bad tasting dessert. Enjoy.

Philly Steak Factory
(919) 490-9753
5410 New Hope Commons Dr
Durham, NC 27707

Time Out (open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
133 W Franklin St # D
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(919) 929-2425

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Rochelle Woodward said...

If you are ever in Philadelphia, you will have to settle the score between Geno's and Pat's philly cheese steaks. They have been feuding for quite some time now, and there is controversy in Philly as to who has the best cheese steak.

You can find Geno's at:
1219 S 9th St

and Pat's at:
1237 E Passyunk Ave

We recently visited Philadelphia on our travels, but were unable to taste either! Maybe next time. Nick and I actually thought Philly could be deemed the "Durham of the North," which means we will be back to visit. You can read "Philadelphia, Pennsylvania :: City of Murals" at http://ramblewriter.com/ramblings/?p=256

- Rochelle

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